Hello there! 

I’m Razan, and Abdul Majeed is my family name.

About me. I come from the Middle East (the name gives it away I know). To be more specific, I am from the UAE and Dubai is home.  I worked in the Corporate world for the longest time which served me well (at the time!) and here I am now doing what I absolutely love. And what my supportive family and good friends strongly suggested I do. So here I am doing just that – I travel and I write!

I’ve been traveling all my life – since childhood in fact, thanks to my wonderfully open-minded and culture-embracing parents – and have seen and experienced many places and cultures around the world. While my generous and loving parents were the main benefactors in creating for me a platform for abundant traveling, my thirst for discovery heightened as I became more and more independent, and probably less conventional. Traveling became my default.

As for writing, it is an inherent passion passed down to me through my father and my father’s father. Both were great writers and lovers of words. So I grew up with words, and was brought up to appreciate words. I have piles and piles of diversified pieces of writing scattered everywhere – from  notepads to loose papers filled with all kinds of thoughts, random critiques, self-criticism, self-development, romance, stories,  poetry and quotations – to a big collection of diaries. For example, say I want to remind myself of my countless aspirations at the age of 10, 15 or 20,  all I have to do is simply go back to my references! Let’s just say I have a super efficient tracking system for self-evolvement! Writing is in my blood – it is my therapy and my oldest friend. 

My motto my way. As a world traveler and travel writer (and writer in general) I try to follow Twain’s great advice which I’m aware you’ve heard and read a thousand times but which (by the way) should not only be limited to ‘travel’.  Rather, it is a way of being and living. His genius words go something like this –‘Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream’. Only then can we truly grow, not only in knowledge and experience but also in awareness, empathy and compassion. Things sorely needed in our world.

Me after a long hike up the challenging Monte Amaro, Maiella (Abruzzo, Central Italy)

About my blog. Here you will find posts mainly about self-initiated travels in different parts of the world. My travels vary in nature and style! From luxury to simplicity! From relaxation to being active! From walking leisurely to walking challenging long distances! From mountain trekking to horse-back riding! From flights to drives to sailing! (note: this is a new arena for me. More posts will be coming through very soon)

I don’t just travel to do some standard sight-seeing and picture-taking. I travel to learn about history; to understand culture; and to interact with local people and create human connections. I travel with the intention of meeting and talking to like-minded travelers who can open my mind and my eyes to things I could easily miss or may have already missed because I was too busy looking for the obvious. Ultimately, it’s about curiosity and connectivity. It is about soul-seeking and soul-awakening. It is about being a part of something beyond our safe harbour. It is about getting outside of our bubble which we call the ‘self’ and creating multiple selves that connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Traveling gifts you that.

My personal blog is about all of the above. I share my impressions on each country or place I visit and offer unconventional tips when I feel it is needed or when I just feel like it and feel it. My posts are quite subjective, and purely based on my own experiences, thoughts and sentiments during travel. My posts are my own personal stories. Hope you enjoy them!

Happy exploration!

Me in Salento – the heel of the Italian boot (Puglia, Italy)