Getting to know the capital of Iceland

Here's the capital of Iceland: Reykjavik. Spent the day walking around, entering and exiting shops. The shops here are charming, Icelandic and trendy. Loved one in particular and thought of my brother in law @tjosakka whose love for photography would have probably led him to this one (the one with old cameras and Icelandic photographs). There are cute Cafes and little bars everywhere. The architecture is interesting (very Nordic I guess). Initially I didn't think much of it but after a bit of 'general' exploration around the city centre and an amazing Mocha (a must try here!) I managed to start focusing on details and designs: great use of space for one, simple yet elegant, similar in structure only if you overlook the details, structured but not rigid, earthy yet modern, and most importantly (for me at least): cosy. As for food – definitely not a place for vegans. Horses (untrained and wild) are eaten as part of the Icelandic culture as explained to me by the lovely educated and well-spoken driver who drove me here. The younger the more tender he confirmed! He said to me after a bunch of questions from my end: We ride horses so we obviously don't eat horses we tame, train and ride. For who eats their friend?'. Many do, but not the Icelandic people. They are respectful, honest and welcoming and treat you like a friend. And the most apparent and honourable thing about that is that they equally love and respect their friend Earth (power saving and Green initiatives at their best here). It is as clear as crystal: if we look after our generous friend Earth and treat her with the respect she deserves, she won't disappoint (razan abdul majeed) #iceland #reykjavik #beautifuldestination #earth #horses #icelandicdesign #icelandicnature #traveling #travel #travelgram #bbctravel #lonelyplanet #ftweekend #water#discovery #friends #cafes #beautifulplace #respect #culture

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