I Strip Myself Away

Image captured in Machu Picchu, me sitting in a corner on what is considered an Inca throne – Peru, January 2018

I strip myself away
From all obligations
From meaningless occasions.

I strip myself away
From everything I forced myself to be
From what I used to do or say
to please in every way.

I am free
Like a stream
I rise up
I go down
I stop trespassers when I can
I allow crossing when I want
or don’t
I just am.

I am me
I know my heart
I start
when I want
I stop
when I can’t.

I am night and day
I am anything I choose to be
Wrong or right
My eyes are the ones that see.

I don’t hide
I am brave
I ride
every wave
That’s who I am.

I am raw
I show
What I can do without
I throw.

I strip myself away
No more delays.

I strip myself away
Before I decay.

I strip myself away
I sail away.

I strip myself away
I found my way.

The Art of Letting Go

Inspired by the Amazon, the special connections I made there, and the powerful moments I experienced – Amazon, Brazil, December 2017

So high
in the Amazonian sky
Between God’s cotton-clouds
by the jungle sounds
Above Brazil,
the land of green
The happiest colours
my eyes have seen
I mastered,
the art of letting go.
His name is Ego
We formed a connection
a few weeks ago
Between his tactics and strategies
His calculated words
that hardly please
His improvised replies
His confusing disguise
What I saw in his eyes
Tricks of the mind?
His selective silence
announcing indirectly,
‘I am noncommittal’
Not long after
in the jungle
I mastered,
the art of letting go.

His Brazilian name is Freedom
Between his infectious laughter
His open smile, his rapture
His transparent heart
Through his lightness
His kindness
A bit of shyness
His beautiful freeness
and sweetness
His minimal attachment
His lack of entitlement
I mastered,
the art of letting go.

His Brazilian name is Fearless
Between his love for wilderness
His search for stillness
His need for aloneness
Almost a type of illness
Through his dark eyes
and intense stares
His intimidating glares
that say ‘I dare’,
and ‘I don’t care’
I mastered,
the art of letting go.

His Brazilian name is Simplicity
Between his oneness with the universe
His daily rebirth
His knowledge of the Earth
that shows him self-worth
His animal kingdom and river
that make him a giver
Through the depth of his soul
The way he stands tall
and senses every animal’s call
Satisfied with little
Happiest than most
Wiser than all
I mastered,
the art of letting go.

Deep in the Amazonia
Between nature’s insomnia
Through life’s mysteries and rawness
In forest mazes and darkness
In Brazil’s jungle
God’s living miracle
How much I saw
How little I know
It was then and there
That I
I finally mastered,
the art of letting go.

If my father were here

Me in Sacred Valley, Peru, January 2018

If my father were here, he would raise his cute little eyebrows and smile in amusement at my crazy never-ending travels. He would then say something like: ‘enough craziness ya Shaikha Razan! What’s in South America? Just come home!’. Here is my response Baba: the biggest smile I could muster, only for you. I miss you every second of everyday. South America’s beautiful sky – the one I’m so in love with and can’t stop writing about – is all you.