Icelandic Horses


The Icelandic Beauty


Rugged Iceland

Picture this. We rode through rugged terrain that only Icelandic horses could handle. Rocks, stones, lupin flowers, plants, branches, water, mud and you name it were a constant part of our journey. It was cold, it was raining, and before it rained we were accompanied by these annoying mosquito-like creatures which love hovering around one's face. Thus the protective nets! We had a herd of beautiful Icelandic horses accompanying us throughout it. When our horses got tired we rode less tired ones. On top of that the company was and is great. Yes it was rough but you know what? I am seriously having the most incredible Icelandic experience – EVER! #iceland #icelandichorse #terrain#discovery #horseriding #horses #adventure #travel #traveling #horseback #bbctravel #ftweekend #blessed

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