Erik’s Oslo

Few highlights on my Oslo trip before I tell you about one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Still in Norway but far away from Oslo. More on that later.

In Oslo –

Erik, whom I’ve met in Germany 6 years ago, showed me the best of his city. With him I experienced an Oslo for the Norwegians. I had rain deer for dinner in a charming restaurant up on the hills, in an area called Holmenkollen. From Erik I learnt new things. For example, I didn’t know that cross-country skiing is a big thing in Norway! They have slopes catered for that and for ski jumping and skiing – all in the heart of Oslo. He even showed me where it’s done – if only the fog allowed for better viewing! From him I understood a little bit about the nature of Norwegians and how their proximity to nature and their history made them the way they are. He had a unique and romantic way of explaining it. The few hours I spent with Erik were a beautiful introduction to Norwegians and Norwegian ways. Thank you Erik for teaching me new things, for your generosity and kindness. 
Another major highlight was THE SCREAM! Munch’s Scream! My fascination with The Scream goes a long way back. I finally got to see the real thing at the National Gallery, and it was just as I imagined it – and surprisingly lighter in colour! Some of my favourite artists were also found there: Manet, Picasso, Renoir and Modigliani. I was in heaven. I managed to hold on to that feeling for a while until I saw a 70s photograph of a middle-aged man displayed at the Contemporary Art museum! I found it funny, simply because it depicts reality! The museum of Architecture visit was purely for learning + even though it was interesting for someone as ignorant as I am architecturally – the thing I was drawn most to was the writing on a sketch that says: ‘it’s not down on any map. True places never are’. Indeed! And last but not least, you’ve got to visit Oslo to see one of the legendary Viking ships! They’re impressive! Learnt so much about Viking history, and none of it came from Hollywood!

Let me know what you think!