Loud Norwegians

Bergen. Very different to Oslo. Its (275,000) Norwegian people are also different. No one’s reserved and everyone’s loud! In a good way! Maybe it has to do with Bergen’s history. In the Middle Ages, Bergen was a major European trading and seafaring port. These still play an important part in Bergen’s economy as well other sectors like tourism, fisheries and other industries. It is home to the famous composer Edvard Grieg, and to thousands of university students. There’s cheerful Bryggen which is a World Heritage Site. See the photo with colourful buildings lined up perfectly?


That’s Bryggen.  It consists of old Hanseatic wharf and buildings and they are all unchanged and built on foundations that had been there since the 12th century (despite the great fire of 1702 which reduced the city to ashes).

Hanseatic Wharf

I spent the day strolling around the alleyways and old streets where people have lived for centuries. I stopped off at the small and smelly but famous Fish Market which is buzzing with loud fisherman and all kinds of people.  I called in at Kode (4 buildings in total) – one of Bergen’s many museums and galleries and saw more of Munch’s work and other major collections of Picasso, Miró, Dahl, and Astrup! I even hopped on a boat to see the one of the most popular and unspoilt destinations in the world: the Norwegian fjords. Also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. What’s my impression of Bergen? With the exception of its highly moody, rainy and windy weather (which I guess adds to its charm if you’re a romantic), Bergen has something very personal about it that draws you in. It has nothing to do with its beautiful settings, or seven mountains, or lovely coast line. It reminds me of some place I’ve seen / been. So if there’s a word or two words to describe Bergen, they would be ‘uncannily familiar’

Boat ride to see famous Fjords of Norway

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