My Father. The best human being I have ever known and will ever know.

I am Palestine
I wait in line
I yearn and pine
I seek a sign
I count on time
I leave behind
All that is mine
Except my dignity
Despite captivity
Except my pride
Despite your tyranny
Except my wealth
Which is my mind
I have my Self
A saviour in itself.

I am Palestine
I am fine
In time
I shall shine.

I am Palestine
I am stranded
A desolate island
Melancholic and silent
Stranger here
Stranger there
A burden
I am almost certain.

I am Palestine
I long for connection
Some human affection
No attention
Only detention
Sanction after sanction
No remorse
Only chores
And bolted doors
No harmony
Only fatality
No tranquility
Only hostility
No equality
Nor eligibility
Only agony
Where is sanity?
I am alchemy
The begetter of unity
I shall breed humanity.

I am Palestine
I am the daily headline
I am everyone’s shrine
The olive tree and vine
Everything holy and divine
The intertwine.
I am one of a kind
I dream of Eden
I desire freedom
Not stardom
Nor kingdom
Nor a random
Pretentious chair
I solemnly declare:
I am the rightful heir
I am not ‘nowhere’
I don’t mean to scare
But beware
I am everywhere
And this fire
Blazing there
Hardly a love affair
The Adulterer
Is the name you bear.

I am Palestine
I am the son
Her noble one
I am her mother
The soul of her father
Whose daughter
Is a reflection
Of his transparency
And with intention
and much affection
Shares his solidarity
Lives his integrity
Admires his tenacity
Worships his humanity
In awe of his humility
His lack of vanity
His serenity.

I am Palestine
The soul of her father
Whose devoted daughter
Carries his legacy
Protects his identity
Respects his fidelity
To his country
I am Hamdi*
He is in me
I will return
To his father’s country
I will enter
His childhood city
Where simplicity
And vulnerability
Were a possibility
I will find
His lost key
Redeem his property
Relive his history
Retell his story
And stand tall
Alongside his soul
And follow his destiny
In his loving memory.

I am Palestine
The soul of her father
Whose loyal daughter
Will bother
Will remember
Will never surrender
Will uncover
Her father’s passion
Spread his compassion
Take action.

I am Palestine
The soul of her father
Whose proud daughter
Reveals his golden pride
Imitates his stride
Refuses to be sidelined
No such thing as ‘never mind’
She is bind
Blindly aligned
To her father’s mind.

I am Palestine
The soul of her father
Whose loving daughter
Stood wide-eyed
At his bedside
When his angelic soul took flight
The one
Like her father
Has so much fight
Always tried
Never shied
From the truth
The one
Like her father
Will never bribe
Nor abide
Nor confide
Nor side
With those who lied
Nor hide

I am Palestine
I am not a billionaire
Not even a millionaire
Yet I share
And spare
I am fair
I am not
A meddler
A destructive dweller
Nor an intrusive settler
I constantly repair
Every time you tear
My heart my home
Every time you pollute
My breathing air
Every time you impair
My inner flare
How unfair
Yet without despair
And despite warfare
I bravely dare
Proudly wear
With grandeur
And splendour
The symbol Love.

I am Palestine
And I am well aware
How beautifully rare
I seem
How my eyes gleam
How my smiles beam
Is this more than you can bear?
I do not care
I ignore your bitter glare
Your sneaky snare
Your spiteful stare
Make you disappear into thin air.

I am Palestine
I am the purest soul
Far from small
More resilient
Than your ugly wall
I am a dove
I fly
Higher than high
And I am wise
I have eyes
I shall rise
I shall rise above.

I am Palestine
I won’t run
Nor hold a gun
Not even for fun
Not even one
I shun
All your guns
Yes! I may be stung
I am completely wrung
Metaphorically hung
Almost gone
Wait! You are wrong
I won’t come undone
You haven’t won
I have just begun
I am fuelled
Like King-Kong
No! I am not
A degenerative disease
Be at ease
I am Peace
My strength lies beneath.

I am Palestine
I am educated
Perhaps humiliated
Slightly intimidated
But still not jaded
My culture is cradled
Never faded
Nor traded
I cling to it
We beautifully fit
Do you suddenly feel
The need to hit?
To spit?
Get a grip
Come sit
Relax a bit
Excuse my wit.

I am Palestine
I suddenly feel elated
No longer violated
I dance my tradition
Without your permission
I cement my origin
I cope
I walk
I sprint with hope
I play like children
Forgetting I am in prison
I sing without inhibition
I see a luminous vision
I salute my long lost friend Justice
I celebrate independence
And find from within
My deliverance.

I am Palestine
I raise my freedom flag
And fearlessly brag:
This is I
This is me
This is how
I shall always be
This is now
Can’t you see?
I am Free! I am Free!
I am the original
Not the criminal.

I am Palestine
I am proud
A chivalrous warrior
I am Honour
I am a winner
Stronger than ever
I am the finest
Among a crowd
Go ahead
Fill their heads
With lies and dread
Rumor the word ‘Deathbed’
Or shout ‘Behead’
Or cry out loud
And spread:
‘Palestine is dead’
Never doubt
That I am alive
I vow instead
To sing aloud:
‘I am Palestine’.

I am Palestine
The word is out
Don’t pout
Palestine lives
And forgives
I am here
Without fear
Are you clear?
And by the way
Did you say:
‘Hush no sound?’
I am not allowed?
I should have bowed?
To who? To you?
Shame on you
I am not a clown
I am a cloud
I shan’t be cowed.

I am Palestine
In time
I shall shine
While you wait in line.

By Razan Abdul Majeed

(*my father’s name)

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