Let us all try to eliminate the stigma around mental health conditions. Remember, it could happen to you or me. No one is immune to depression.

Silence is living
Within the walls of my being
A spirit of stillness
Flickering its shadow
In my room
Against the darkness
Of the midnight moon.

My face is a silhouette
An ugly drawing
Of useless contours
A portrait of disquiet
On a canvas of riots
Cleverly disguised
By my outward indifference
By my charm and allure.

I am in a state of numbness
A hopeless case
I am
Indeed I am
A bland taste
A disappointing waste
Of living space.

I am a stranger
In the strangeness of my mind
A trespasser
In my own garden
Where every living thing
Is eventually doomed
Where even wild flowers
Cannot bloom.

I am a hidden cemetery
Where bored ghosts
Wonder about in a swoon
Over my decorated tomb
Where oblivion
is my only cocoon.

I hear no sound
Except the uneven
Pounding of my heart
I see nothing
I am devoid of light
I feel nausea
Master insomnia
I am addiction
Without a conviction
I am the endless night
Filled with gloom.

I am the chamber of emptiness
Where voices have no voices
They ran out of breath
Where words are written then erased
As if never written
Just like death.

I am the epitome of stealth
No one would guess
The extent of my stress
Nor even suspect
Its wearying effect
On my mental health.

I am transparent ink
On white paper
I am someone with a plan
Truer than any man
I drift away
Deep into the ocean
No commotion
Without a notion
Of human fear
Swimming secretly
Swimming slowly
Swimming to sink.

All I possess is my imagination
My one and only elation
Swirling inside
My sunken sleepy eyes
I dream up a world
Ever so wide
Where I don’t have to hide
Where I am safe
By your side.

Deeper into my dream
I am in a total trance
I go to places
I have never been
I see new faces
All very gracious
I drink and I dance
Till I am on a brink
Of another lapse
Tiptoeing on shattered glass
The awakening of my life
The ultimate collapse.

I am an angel without wings
The messenger of sadness
I rob myself of gladness
I cut all ties
I elope
I deny hope
And every mechanism to cope.

There is muteness
An immeasurable quietness
Within my soul
It hears no one’s call
And no one hears
The thump of my fall.

Spirits fly
Carrying me high
I curse the black clouds
I curse the dark sky
I curse this life
Its bitter strife
Until my lips go dry.

I am misery
I am the loneliest
Of the loneliest
Of this lonely night.

My only delight
Is my right
To end tonight.

Let me know what you think!