Symbols and Sculptures

The Sculpture Park of Oslo: This is the place I fell in love with. I love greenery, I love sculptures and I love what Gustav Vigeland did. He is an absolute genius and he didn’t even live long enough to witness his own glory. He created a symbol of the ‘circle of life’ using different sculptures! Just look at the impressive details and the brilliance of his work. So each individual sculpture represents a stage in man’s life: from birth to old age. So there’s childhood, puberty, middle-age etc. Then there’s the gorgeous fountain. That fountain is basically a main bowl, different people supporting different bowls, and water spilling over the main bowl. The bowls being supported by the people represent the ‘burden of life’ and the water spilling over the main bowl is the ‘source of life’. Go down further and you’ll find a bridge: the ‘human relations bridge’ or at least that’s what I call it.  Each sculpture on the bridge represents all forms and displays of relationships. So you’ll find a man and woman fighting, there’s dancing, playing, loving and so on. The most famous one is the crying baby! He is known as the Angry Baby Boy! It took the artist more time sculpting that baby than any other sculpture you’ll find there! It’s full of expression as it stands there alone in the corner. Now if you go back to the fountain area and you look down at the floor you’ll find a labyrinth which is a symbol of the ‘twists and turns of life’. And if you follow its path it will take you to the highest point of the ‘circle of life’ where you can find me and the umbrella! That highest point right at the top symbolises ‘heaven’! Now isn’t that something?

Let me know what you think!