The End

My last Camino shot on my last day in Spain

August 11, 2017 marked the end of my Camino Del Norte journey in Spain. I covered nearly 400km on foot in 14 days. Not a day’s rest. I walked on despite persisting aches and pains; despite tiredness and sometimes sheer exhaustion. I walked on despite volatile weather conditions and very tough terrains. I walked on despite certain personal fears and apprehensions. It was hard and challenging and it took a lot out of me but it was also very fulfilling. I would do it all over again.

When I reached Comillas (my final destination), I felt such an amazing sense of accomplishment equalled to none. I haven’t lost that feeling yet and I will try to hold on to it for as long as I can.  It is a feeling that gives me so much peace and serenity, and power. Yes power. I feel very strong, very empowered! Physically and mentally. Anything is possible if your heart is in it! Yet it’s not just the end result (the accomplishment) that matters – it is do with the journey as a whole. Its ups and downs. Its peculiar moments. Its depth. Its poetry. Its annoyances. Its momentum that is sometimes therapeutic and sometimes frustrating. Its dark side and bright side. It is everything to do with giving all of ‘you’ to something that is very important to you. When that something becomes yours because YOU made it yours –  you are King! In a few words, I would describe my journey – or rather my adventure – as the sea of dramatic experiences.  You are the fish. You migrate as nature would have you do. You make it, you multiply (in inner strength and self-trust), you don’t you die.

Whenever I think of all the wonderful people and pilgrims I met along the way, the kindness I received from locals who crossed my path and my own determination – I am humbled all over again. What a blessing. Kindness is something I cannot live without, and determination is something I need as a person. It is the magical fuel to my inner strength and the engine that renews my hopes. It is a gift from God not to be squandered.

Walking, moving forward (literally), exploring and discovering are a big part of who I am. I am filled with a ton of gratitude for being able to do all of that on the Camino. Thank you God. And thank you family and friends for all your support. It made a huge difference and kept me going and smiling!

Last but not least –

To all the pilgrims I met along the way who are probably still at it – Buen Camino!  

Let me know what you think!