The Express Train to Myrdal

God has been so kind to me. He has shown me a new side of Earth that I’ve never seen before and I may have never seen it if He had not gifted me with two wonderful traits that I am sincerely grateful for: Curiosity and determination. Because of my curiosity, I have a passion for enquiring and learning about new places and cultures, and because of my determination I take a step further and quench my curious thirst for discovery and make it a reality!

I took the express train from Oslo for a 5-hour ride to Myrdal. From Myrdal I switched trains and rode the 20-kilometre Flåm Line between Flåm and Myrdal, one of the steepest railway tracks at 1 in 18 in the world, with never ending spirals and 180 degrees of breathtaking views! The most stunning views ever and when you experience so many beautiful places in your lifetime it’s sometimes challenging to stay amazed. But amazed I was! The whole train ride was an experience in itself. The train was wooden and looked so traditional, and the station from where the train received us was small, ‘cute’, and freezing! The train ride was buzzing with camera clicks and ‘Wows’ from passengers! I think I joined the ‘wow’ symphony myself at some point! Gorgeous Fjords, snow residue everywhere, large amounts of snow elsewhere, lakes, frozen lakes, waterfalls, long streams, rivers, water gushes, mountains, white mountains, green mountains, grey and white mountains. Simply Beautiful.

Let me know what you think!