The Flat Village-Valley

Flåm, a flat village in a heavenly valley surrounded by spectacular mountains peaks, in Flåmsdalen, Norway. Not more than 400 people live here permanently. Here you will find the Fläm river, tiny farm houses, hiking and cycling trails, 2 hotels – the one I’m staying in is the charming Flaamsbrygga hotel with its own famous brewery! I just finished exploring the place and walked 4km to the other side of the valley and 4km back. Every 100 steps or so the stunning panorama changes! There are numerous little streams of crystal clear water gushing out of the mountains – quite surreal. What I found so unique about the place is that it drizzles every half an hour or so and a rainbow just appears, creating myriads of happy hopeful colours all around! It’s so picturesque, and it’s just astounding how the mountains change into light and dark brilliant green when the sun appears and disappears and how the clarity of the Fläm river creates a mirror image of its surroundings! In a few hours I will take an express boat for a 5-hour cruise through the fjords of Norway. My next destination is Bergen! Another jewel of a place apparently. Will keep you posted!

Let me know what you think!