The Norwegians Know

Panoramic view of Bergen

Erik, my Norwegian friend from Oslo, suggested I take the Fløyen train – which takes you uphill to the highest point in Bergen – for an unmissable panoramic view of the city. He even gave me an update on the weather forecast and a thumbs up – excellent visibility, and he’s right – Bergen is sunny and bright today. Anyway, of course I couldn’t not heed his advice (he’s Norwegian and he knows) and made my way to the Fløyen station.

There was no station, just an influx of human beings everywhere blocking the entrance. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do what I do best: Walk. So I walked, I climbed, I drank the tastiest freshest freezing water along the way, I took thousands of steps and numerous flights of stairs and finally made it to the top! What a view! What a picturesque city! Thank you Erik.

Bergen Below

Even though I’m not usually a big fan of selfies, I think this called for one! And this brings me to the end of my journey. In a few hours I will take the afternoon train to Oslo, and reach the city in the evening. I bid farewell to familiar Bergen, to peaceful Oslo, to all of Norway, to Iceland and to all the Scandinavian Capitals. My Scandinavian odyssey ends here. Tomorrow I return home

C’est moi in Fløyen



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