More on ‘Why’. 

As you probably gathered, I am woman with a strong passion for two things: traveling and writing.

When I decide to travel it is not about ticking some list so I can brag about the number of countries I’ve been to. I don’t need to do that as I’ve traveled lots and I’ve traveled well and ‘bragging’ is not my thing anyway. It is about sharing unique experiences with you. It is about learning and giving back wholeheartedly.

When I decide to write about my travels it is about noting down particular details and dream-like moments which mean something to me.  Which resonate somewhere inside. It is about honest feedback. It is about heartfelt observations. It is about profoundness. It is about trying to articulate the depth of my travel experiences and the spirit of traveling through words driven by emotions and senses, and triggered by curiosity and intelligent eyes.

I travel and write to know, to understand, to appreciate. To create interesting and authentic stories about new places, new cultures and new people.

I live for random and sweet encounters. Discoveries and adventures. Walking and exploring.  Riding and flying.  Wondering and wandering. Histories and mysteries. Heightened emotions and nourished senses. I live for feeding my curiosity, and for loving the little things that move me, and ultimately change me.

One thing to remember as you navigate your way through my blog – I like the word ‘genuine’ and I value its meaning. I am not selling anyone anything so what you will find here is really just someone embarking on some travel experiences and sharing them openly and selflessly, with honesty and integrity.

 I hope my love for travel transpires through my words, and those words reach you!

Me walking the ‘Camino Frances’ route of the Camino de Santiago.  Summer of 2015, Spain